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COOL-FIT ABS Plus is a completely pre-insulated plastic pipe system for secondary cooling and refrigeration systems operated with brine or glycol solutions.
The system is based on proven and cold-shock resistant ABS pipes and fittings, which are insulated with high-quality PUR foam in addition to a robust and UV-resistant outer pipe. The smooth inner surface of the ABS pipe provides for minimal pressure loss, while the low thermal conductivity of plastic and the insulation ensure low energy and running costs for a lifetime.
The 3-in-1 construction reduces installation time to a minimum. COOL-FIT is ideal for use in cold storage, in food and beverage production (e.g. in breweries, dairies, slaughterhouses), in supermarkets as well as for process cooling in industrial cooling water systems or in data centers.

Dimensions: d25/D75 – d315/D450
Pressure rating up to 10 bar.
Temperature range -50°C to +40°C.

Main Advantages:
• Fast connection, easy suspension
• Excellent insulating properties, low operational and energy costs
• No corrosion
• Low CO2 emissions

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